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This Time is Different Chartbook: Country Histories on Debt, Default, and Financial Crises, NBER Working Paper 15815, March 2010.

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The Second Great Contraction: From This Time Is Different

We've been assured that the recession is over, but the country and the economy continue to feel the effects of the 2008 financial crisis, and people are still searching for answers about what caused it, what it has wrought, and how we can recover. This selection from the best-selling book This Time Is Different--the definitive history of financial crises, including the recent subprime meltdown--answers these questions and more.

Princeton Shorts are brief selections taken from influential Princeton University Press books and produced exclusively in ebook format. Providing unmatched insight into important contemporary issues or timeless passages from classic works of the past, Princeton Shorts enable you to be an instant expert in a world where information is everywhere but quality is at a premium.


Selected Papers by Reinhart and Rogoff Related to the Book

Debt Overhangs: Past and Present (with Vincent R. Reinhart) NBER Working Paper 18015, April 2012 a revised version is forthcoming in Journal of Economic Perspectives, August 2012.

Decade of Debt, . Policy Analyses in International Economics 95 (Washington DC: Peterson Institute for International Economics, September 2011).

From Financial Crash to Debt Crisis, NBER Working Paper 15795, March 2010.  American Economic Review, Vol. 101, No. 5, August, 2011, 1676-1706. 

The Forgotten History of Domestic DebtEconomic Journal, Vol. 121, Issue 552, May 2011, 319-350.

On Graduation from Default, Inflation and Banking Crises: Elusive or Illusion? (with Rong Qian), NBER Working Paper 16168, forthcoming in Daron Acemoglu and Michael Woodford, eds. NBER Macroeconomics Annual 2010. Vol. 25, Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press, 2010 

Growth in a Time of Debt, (with Kenneth S. Rogoff) forthcoming in American Economic Review, Vol. 100 No. 2, May 2010. NBER Working Paper 15639, January 2010 and CEPR Discussion Paper 7661, January 2010. 
Related opinion piece: Why we should expect low growth amid debt, Financial Times, Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff, ‎January 28, 2010‎.
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My Testimony before the Senate Budget Committee, February 9, 2010.
Debt and Growth Revisited, (with Kenneth Rogoff) VoxEU August 11, 2010.
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The Aftermath of Financial Crises (with Kenneth S. Rogoff), American Economic Review, Vol. 99 No. 2, May 2009, 466-472.
Spanish version: Secuelas de crisis bancarias, Bourning Markets, Spain, January 30, 2009.
Chinese version: (coming soon) in New Finance, Bank of Communications, Shanghai, China.
Related article: The Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Financial Crises in VoxEU, January 26, 2009. Spectator UK, November 26, 2009
Downloads as of  August 2010: 31,449
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Is the 2007 U.S. Subprime Crisis So Different? An International Historical Comparison, (with Kenneth S. Rogoff) in American Economic Review, Vol. 98 No. 2, May 2008.
Spanish version:
¿Es tan diferente la crisis financiera sub-prime de 2007 en EEUU? una comparación histórica internacional , MPRA Working Paper 13656, 2008.
Serbian version:
Da li je američka sub-prime finansijska kriza iz 2007. godine tako različita? Medunarodna istorijska komparacija, πανoeconomicscus, 2009. 3, 291-299.
Related article: Reflections on the International Dimensions and Policy Lessons of the U.S. Subprime Crisis in VoxEU, March 17, 2008.
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Eight Hundred Years of Financial Folly in VoxEU April 19, 2008
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